Tintra appoints Dr Joe Lyske as Chief Science Officer

LONDON: The board of directors of Tintra, the rapidly innovating Banking & Technology business, announced the appointment of Dr Joe Lyske as Chief Science Officer (“CSO”) and a Director of the Company as the Group continues to execute its plan to build global banking infrastructure driven by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing tools.

Dr Lyske is a co-founder of Time Machine Capital 2 Limited, the Company’s joint venture partner in Tintra 3.0. It is through this relationship that he first joined the Group’s activities as part of the Tintra 3.0 Ltd team, the artificial intelligence (“AI”) joint venture announced on 24 November 2021, where he made a considerable contribution to the patent application announced on 16 June 2022.

Dr Lyske was until recently CTO of Triller, a US based video-sharing social networking app, as well as CEO and Co-founder of Mashtraxx.

He has invented and patented several creative AI core technologies one of which resulting in the world’s first AI engine that atomises, re-constructs and edits any music to video, instantly.

Dr Lyske holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Queen Mary, University of London, and an Advanced Masters in Composition for Screen from the Royal College of Music. In addition to his achievements in the technology space, he has pursued successful careers in both academia and music.

Dr Lyske said, “I am very pleased to be taking this step with Tintra as we continue to focus on building technology that enacts real change.

Tintra’s mission of building a banking platform that sees the world as it is rather than through a distorted lens is the right mission at the right time in my view. I have seen first-hand these preconceptions written in the very code of historical banking infrastructure. I look forward to being involved with a project that does not hide behind phrases like ‘legacy infrastructure’ as an excuse for domestic protectionism.

Just as institutionalised prejudices in an organisation can only be changed if the culture of the organisation is changed technologically architectured preconceptions can only change if we embrace new technologies, and stop hiding behind the word “legacy”, as if it is an adequate excuse for a technological bigotry that causes real human discrimination and harm.

Using weighted averages to blanket-analyse whole countries’ populations and businesses is a lazy way to assess risk, and we as a society can and should do better.

Tintra’s goal of doing that is one that I am passionate about. I look forward to building the technology to allow this to happen.”

Richard Shearer, Tintra’s CEO, said, “Using technology to create a better future is something that has become a familiar retort across the world and is a goal that should be encouraged. However, some sectors have had more success than others in achieving this goal.

In financial services, actually effecting positive change is perhaps harder than in any other verticals. So it is not to our competitors’ detriment that true emerging market fiscal inclusion is still something that is little more than a notion. It’s a big challenge that requires new thinking.

As a company we are closer than most to what the challenges are in these markets and what needs to be achieved to create this level fiscal playing field. Having this pursuit as our North Star is one thing but it requires a team of people across a range of disciplines to make it work.

Throughout this year, we have therefore built a team of great minds across a range of disciplines, from technologists, to futurists, geopoliticians, ethnographers, regulatory specialists, and beyond. All of whom share our vision to create true fiscal inclusion across emerging markets, unencumbered by legacy thinking.

We will only do good for people once we have built the infrastructure that will make this change.

To this end, welcoming Dr Lyske to our board is a major step toward delivering on our vision. Joe shares my passion about building a multi-billion-dollar business over the next few years – but that sits secondary to the goal of creating a business that creates true fiscal inclusion across the world.

Joe has invented dozens of AI processes and technologies across a range of disciplines and his leadership abilities have become evident through our work together over the past six months or so. Perhaps equally important, Joe has recently served as CTO of a company that scaled from a few dozen to many hundreds in a very short period of time, something that we are looking to replicate over the coming 12-18 months.

I am delighted to welcome Joe to the board today, and I look forward to working with him as we create Artificial Intelligence to enact Real Change™.”

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