5th Planet Games announces the upcoming release of WrestleQuest

COPENHAGEN: 5th Planet Games announced that ‘WrestleQuest’, a video game developed by Pittsburgh, PA-based Mega Cat Studios, as the next release in the ongoing publishing agreement with Skybound Games Studios, Inc. WrestleQuest has recently gained overwhelmingly positive reactions from media and fans as a result of preview coverage. Over the past few months, the team have showcased the game to enthusiastic media at PAX East 2022, while also securing a full-page print preview in Game Informer magazine.

Notable quotes from recent media previews include:

•        “Developer MegaCat’s love of pro wrestling shines in WrestleQuest.” – Game Informer

•        “WrestleQuest finds a beautiful harmony between RPG and pro wrestling” – Destructoid

•        “It’s clear this game is being developed by die-hard wrestling fans who also adore JRPGs, and we cannot wait to see how the final product turns out.” – Inverse

•        “The passion seen in developer Mega Cat Studios’ upcoming turned-based wrestling RPG is palpable.” – Nintendo World Report

•        “WrestleQuest showed me enough to whet my appetite and get me interested to see more. Between the solid sprite work and the solid implementation of RPG mechanics, I will be paying far more attention to this game going forward.” – RPGsite.net

Commenting on the wave of positive feedback, Mark Stanger, CEO, 5th Planet Games said, “The response to WrestleQuest since its initial announcement in March has been spectacular. We’re delighted that the game is resonating with RPG fans and wrestling fanatics, and we can’t wait to showcase more as the year progresses. The game reaffirms our commitment to bringing high quality games to market across all current games platforms”

WrestleQuest is scheduled for worldwide release this year for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.


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