Lytix Biopharma to present Adoptive Cell Therapy at ASCO 2022

OSLO: Lytix Biopharma AS, a clinical-stage company with an in situ vaccination technology platform, announces that an abstract relating to LTX-315 in combination with Adoptive Cell Therapy (ACT) has been selected for presentation at a Poster Session during American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2022.

LTX-315 is a first-in-class oncolytic molecule, representing a new and superior in situ therapeutic vaccination principle to boost the clonal expansion of T cells and subsequent anti-cancer immunity.

Immune- and clinical response data from the Atlas-IT-04 trial will be presented at the poster session. The trial is an open label, exploratory, Phase II trial assessing the effect of LTX-315 when used in combination with ACT in patients with metastatic soft tissue sarcoma (STS). The prognosis of advanced STS is poor and with a high unmet medical need.

In general STS have low number of tumor infiltrating T cells and do not respond to immunotherapy. The trial design includes intratumoral injections of LTX-315 ahead of surgical removal of tumors, followed by in vitro expansion of T cells as the first step. In the second step, the expanded T cells were infused back to the patients and the effect of LTX-315 on the tumor microenvironment was assessed.

“This trial demonstrates that the combination of LTX-315 and ACT is feasible and tolerable, and that CD4+ and CD8+ T cells can be expanded in vitro from STS that have been pretreated with the oncolytic molecule LTX-315″, CEO of Lytix Biopharma, Øystein Rekdal, comments.

He adds: “We will now explore how further optimization of the treatment schedule will position LTX-315 as promising technology to invoke tumor specific T cells that can be cultured and infused as part of an adoptive transfer regimen for several subtypes of soft tissue sarcoma.”

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