Consortium agreement in Huntington’s disease worth circa £0.9 million

LONDON: IXICO plc (AIM: IXI), the neuroimaging Contract Research Organisation (CRO) delivering advanced AI analytical insights in neuroscience, has entered a multi-party consortium for the development of improved imaging biomarkers for the early detection and staging of Huntington’s disease (‘HD’).

HD is a rare, inherited disease that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain affecting movement, mood and thinking abilities.

The consortium will develop new standards for Huntington’s disease image analysis on existing HD image datasets. IXICO will deliver this analysis to the biopharma and charitable foundation consortia members using its proprietary, deep learning based, IXIQ.Ai analysis platform.

This contract is for circa £0.9 million revenues which are expected to be delivered within 2022.

The output of the project will enable current and future consortium partners to develop improved approaches to stratifying patients in HD clinical trials as well as increasing the precision of efficacy measurements of drugs within Huntington’s disease clinical trials. IXICO will seek additional partners to join the consortium in due course.

Giulio Cerroni, Chief Executive Officer of IXICO, commented: “There are no existing approved disease modifying therapies for HD, nor interventions that slow disease progression. Consequently, we are very excited to initiate this consortium and look forward to working closely with our founding partners in the development of novel imaging tools that enable the design of more efficient HD clinical trials. Applying the latest image analysis and artificial intelligence techniques to this large dataset of HD natural history data, will enable us to create new insights and standards towards the implementation of precision medicine approaches in HD trials that we expect to be of great value to the HD community.

This consortium agreement further cements IXICO’s position as the leading analysis company for HD as part of its wider portfolio of leading analytical tools to support clinical trials into neurological diseases.”

IXICO is dedicated to delivering insights in neuroscience to help transform the advancement of investigational therapies for neurological diseases, such as Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

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