Al Salam Bank launches a new line of corporate cards

MANAMA: Al Salam Bank recently launched a new line of corporate cards specifically designed to cater to the needs of corporate entities and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) across the Kingdom of Bahrain. The cards can be used through the Bank’s selfservice portal, enabling clients to issue and manage card limits without having to visit a branch.

The initiative comes in line with Al Salam Bank’s digital-first mindset, which revolves around
effectively utilizing the latest advancements in technology to offer clients a convenient and
seamless banking experience.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Ahmed Murad, Head of Corporate Banking at Al Salam Bank,
said, “At Al Salam Bank, we have always sought to provide a transformative experience through
quality services, designed with our distinguished clients in mind, as part of our aim to provide a
range of distinctive products and services suited to their evolving needs. For this reason, we are
delighted to announce the launch of a new suite of corporate cards uniquely catered to
corporate clients and MSMEs; which offer a range of benefits to elevate their businesses, enabling
users to manage their day-to-day business affairs with ease. We are particularly proud of the selfservice portal which provides our clients with increased control, enabling them to issue cards,
manage limits, apply usage restrictions, view spends, and generate analytics reports directly from
the portal.”

The new diverse line includes a Purchasing Card, designed for daily corporate expenses in the
likes of LMRA payments and other daily overheads, a Centralized Virtual Travel Card, issued on
behalf of any company intended to be used as a single travel agent, in addition to a Travel and
Entertainment Card designed to manage travel expenses for business trips.

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