Biome Australia launches new acne probiotic to retail partners

SYDNEY: Biome Australia Limited (ASX: BIO) has successfully launched its newest condition-specific live biotherapeutic product, Biome Acne Probiotic, following the completion of an independent clinical study in February.

The result of the study demonstrated that the Biome Acne probiotic strains reduced the number of acne lesions by 31.11% in just four weeks, which was statistically significant (p < 0.05) when compared to placebo (10% reduction), with a 38.89% reduction after 8 weeks (compared to a 18.89% reduction in the placebo group, p < 0.05).

Biome Acne Probiotic has now been distributed for sale to Biome’s network of retail partners which include over 2500 community pharmacies and independent
health practitioners.

First shipments have been sent to fill initial pre-launch orders from Biome’s wholesale customers which includes its pharmacy distributors Symbion and API, and its independent health practitioner distributors Oborne Health, Rener Health, and Ariya.

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