4DMedical unveils world’s first dedicated lung scanner

MELBOURNE: Global medical technology company 4DMedical Limited announced the launch of the XV Scanner, the world’s first dedicated lung scanner.

The XV Scanner integrates 4DMedical’s XV Technology into a purpose-built platform providing doctors and patients with unprecedented and highly visual insight into lung function.
The scanner was delivered with the help of the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), through which the Australian government is contributing A$28.9m, towards the outcome of dramatically increasing patient access to the benefits of XV Technology.

The Company has successfully combined its proprietary XV Technology with purpose-built hardware to create the XV Scanner. The device provides detailed quantitative data on respiratory function via an automated scanning process.

Importantly, this product offers multiple pathways to drive the Company’s commercialisation plans. Specifically, the
• Increases throughput, reducing costs for healthcare providers;
• Facilitates access to XV Technology for more patients, including children and the very unwell unable to be scanned using conventional imaging equipment; thereby
• Accelerating uptake of the Company’s core SaaS product.

4DMedical has met its target to deploy the first XV Scanner in an Australian hospital within 12 months of the commencement of Stage2 funding. This ambitious target has been realised with today’s unveiling of the first device at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney in the presence of Federal Minister for Health, Greg Hunt and industry partners.
Engineering research and development was completed in-house in Australia, achieving sovereign capability whilst creating of a significant body of intellectual property that has already generated three patents.
4DMedical Founder, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr Andreas Fouras, said:
“The unveiling of 4DMedical’s new purpose-built scanner is great news on multiple fronts.
From a project delivery angle, the XV Scanner was completed on time and within budget despite challenges created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. From the viewpoint of doctors and patients, the scanner represents a seminal event in the global evolution of respiratory diagnostics, and from a commercialisation perspective, this scanner creates multiple opportunities to drive adoption of XV Technology.
We are extremely proud that the scanner was designed and manufactured in Australia. Its development is another demonstration of 4DMedical’s ability to deliver cutting edge technology that can be sold within Australia and exported around the globe.”
Lung Foundation Australia Chief Executive Mark Brooke said: “Today’s announcement by 4DMedical signals a breakthrough in innovation, holding significant promise for the seven million Australians living with or impacted by lung disease.
This new technology promises to revolutionise diagnostic and imaging procedures for a range of lung diseases impacting children, adults and older Australians.
Lung Foundation Australia is proud to partner with 4DMedical to bring this Australian innovation and technology to patients.”

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