MindBio Therapeutics invests in Quantified Citizen’s latest funding round

VANCOUVER: MindBio Therapeutics has co-invested in Quantified Citizen’s latest funding round with other notable investors around the world. The investment was funded from MindBio existing working capital.

Quantified Citizen is a leading mobile health research platform with over 52,000 users and over 17,000 participants in their global microdosing study, which was published in the prestigious science journal Nature Scientific Reports.

MindBio is in the final completion stages of a world first Phase 1 clinical trial microdosing LSD to patients at home. The investment in Quantified Citizen will allow MindBio to further its footprint in Microdosing of psychedelics.

Quantified Citizen has created an innovative health technology platform that seeks to democratize scientific discovery through digitized health measures and a community of professional researchers and passionate citizen scientists.

“We envision a world where doing scientifically valid health research is as fast and easy as creating a website, with the same global reach. Where scientific tinkering and self-examination are normalized, vastly accelerating the pace of discovery by unlocking unexamined data,” shares cofounder and CEO Eesmyal Santos-Brault.

MindBio is actively seeking new acquisition opportunities to expand its global reach of clinical trials and drug development activities. Management is regularly reviewing new opportunities that may add value to both MindBio and Blackhawk’s Digital Mind Technologies.

Justin Hanka, Founder of MindBio says, “Since MindBio is on path to spin out of Blackhawk and list on the CSE, now is an opportune time to cast our net and find acquisitions that can accelerate our path to commercializing new treatments for mental health conditions.”


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