PayDent becomes preferred payment provider by Well Articulated Dental Studios

CHICAGO: PayDent announced at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting that it will be the preferred payment method at Well Articulated Dental Studios, a new line of dental offices in suburban Chicago, and that all dentists employed there will be participating PayDent providers.

“Too often, patients won’t get dental treatments, even if they are in their best interest, because their insurance companies won’t cover them due to service limitations or insurance provisions,” said Dr. Kevin Patterson, a co-founder of PayDent.

“But with PayDent, patients can get any treatments that they and their dentists think are best, because PayDent covers all dental care without limitations or provisions.”

Dr. Brian Caraba, the founder of Well Articulated Dental Studios, said that in addition to benefiting Well Articulated Studio’s patients, PayDent also will financially benefit his dental offices — as well as any practice that accepts it — because PayDent reimburses dental offices right away for the services they perform and expenses they incur, rather than making them wait weeks or months.

He also said PayDent will eliminate the time dental office personnel spend dealing with insurance. “With PayDent, our office staff will be able to focus on delivering the best quality dental care, rather than wasting time dealing with insurance,” said Caraba, who also is an investor and shareholder in PayDent. “We’re proud to be partnering for better care with PayDent.”

Theresa Narantic, practice management consultant for Well Articulated Dental Studios, said PayDent solves a longstanding problem for many patients who pay high premiums for their insurance without any assurance of which procedures their insurance company will cover.

“Being a PayDent provider will enable our patients to get the care that they want and need, rather than being limited to what an insurance company will allow,” she said. “Instead of insurance companies telling patients what they can have, shouldn’t dentists be telling patients what they need? PayDent solves that issue.”

Unlike traditional insurance, PayDent covers every type of dental treatment — including routine, elective, specialty and cosmetic dentistry procedures — and it enables dentists and patients to determine the best, most appropriate treatment without any preapprovals.


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