Launch of WasteFuel Agriculture

LONDON: i(x) Net Zero (AIM: IX.), the investing company which focuses on Energy Transition and Sustainability in the Built Environment, welcomes WasteFuel Agriculture, a newly launched solution created by the Company’s portfolio company, WasteFuel.

Using proven technologies, WasteFuel Agriculture will convert farm waste into low-carbon fuels, such as renewable natural gas and bio-methanol, which can be used in land and marine transport. Compared to conventional fuels, WasteFuel aims for its fuels to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

In addition to producing low-carbon fuel, WasteFuel Agriculture gives farms the ability to sell biogenic farm waste that would otherwise decompose and release methane and carbon dioxide.

Steve Oyer, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, said: “We are proud of the team at WasteFuel Agriculture for creating this win-win business model that provides farms with a sustainable and profitable way to manage their waste and create a new source of low-carbon fuel. The world’s most pressing issues are significant investment opportunities that can provide institutional-quality returns and it’s companies like WasteFuel, which employ ingenuity and creativity, that are at the forefront.”

Trevor Neilson, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of WasteFuel, added: “With the agriculture sector responsible for 11% of manmade annual emissions of greenhouse gas emissions (“GHG”)[1] and about 35% of methane emissions, mostly from livestock, it was apparent to us that an impactful solution would address these major sources of GHG and how to manage it. With WasteFuel Agriculture, we have achieved just that.”

WasteFuel produces renewable fuels using proven technologies to address the climate emergency and revolutionize mobility. WasteFuel converts municipal (trash) and agricultural waste into low-carbon fuels, renewable natural gas, and green methanol.


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