Way of Will to introduce over 50 products on Walmart Marketplace

Way of Will to introduce over 50 products on Walmart Marketplace

TORONTO: Way of Will Inc. (CSE: WAY), an alternative wellness company specializing in plant-based goods, will be working with third-party agency, SellCord, to introduce over 50 product SKUs across multiple categories on Walmart Marketplace.

Walmart Marketplace is an ecommerce platform that enables third-party merchants to sell their products on Walmart.com, which is separate from Walmart’s own inventory of goods.

The Walmart Marketplace online platform is growing at a rapid pace, with 2021 fiscal ecommerce sales growing by 79%, ranked second only to the leading online retailer, Amazon, in terms of ecommerce market share.

In addition to selling on the retail giant’s Walmart Marketplace platform, Way of Will is pleased to announce it has been approved for Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), which is granted to only a small selection of sellers on their marketplace platform. The program is similar to and in direct competition with Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) services.

SellCord is an approved agency partner of Walmart.com. SellCord has a successful track record of assisting brands in becoming best sellers in a wide range of categories and with high year-over-year growth.

“Walmart.com is a fast-growing marketplace and it’s the only real competitor to Amazon,” commented Michael Lebhar, CEO of SellCord.

“As an online retailer, they have already surpassed other industry giants such as Target, eBay, and Costco. We believe that there’s great room for growth, and that brands who establish themselves early on will have a significant competitive advantage as the Walmart Marketplace platform continues to expand. We have a deep understanding of Walmart’s best practices, and how to leverage them for optimal growth.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with SellCord to launch over 50 product SKUs on Walmart.com,” said Willie Tsang, CEO and founder of Way of Will.

“SellCord not only possesses expert and exclusive knowledge about the platform, but their partnership with Walmart.com gives them special access to new Walmart programs and offers that we otherwise wouldn’t have. We can leverage this advantage for much faster growth. We’re excited to see how these exclusive partnership advantages that Mr. Lebhar and his team will bring can propel our brand to the forefront and enable us to become a leading seller on Walmart Marketplace.”

SellCord is projecting a higher sales growth percentage for the Company month-over-month in the initial few quarters, followed by a consistent 15-20% sales growth month-over-month as Way of Will continues to grow along with the platform and introduce additional new products and bundles.

 Way of Will is a Canadian CPG manufacturer and retailer offering a full range of natural, plantbased wellness products. Way of Will currently offers a total of 191 SKUs of natural skin care and wellness products through its main brand and sub-brands, Nude & Crude and Gū Society.


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