Blender Bites debuts its products at US Southwest Division club stores

Blender Bites product now on shelves at US Southwest Division club stores

TORONTO: Blender Bites Ltd., a Canadian company involved in the development and marketing of plant-based pre-portioned frozen functional foods, announced that its club size pack of its Power Berry superfood smoothie pucks are now on shelves at the Southwest Division US club stores of the world’s leading club store chain.

Company received its first purchase orders from Southwest Division US club stores of the world’s leading club store chain for a club size pack of its Power Berry superfood smoothie pucks.

Production fulfillment of the Southwest Division purchase orders, and subsequent delivery to the club store warehouse will present Blender Bites’ Power Berry superfood smoothie pucks as the first innovation of its kind to hit the US marketplace in club stores and also marks the first time the Blender Bites brand will hit shelves in the US.

Blender Bites new club size Power Berry smoothie pucks are available in 41 warehouses of the Southwest Division including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The success of this division is being closely monitored by multiple other US divisions which could expand the club store footprint significantly and quickly.

Based on the success witnessed in Canadian club stores of the same warehouse chain, the company has started preparation to vastly increase production capabilities in anticipation of this growth. The company is excited to share that production numbers to meet this initial US club store launch of Blender Bites’ Power Berry club size pack SKUs has surpassed 40,000 bags, equating to over 480,000 Power Berry superfood smoothie pucks.

In the U.S., the market for smoothies was valued at US$12.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach US$17 billion by the year 2026, at a CAGR of 10.1%.

“The company is incredibly proud to start the new year with such a monumental launch into the US marketplace. The feedback we have received from club stores in Canada has been tremendous and we believe we will be met with the same amount of excitement and success in our first US division. Eating habits in the US continue to shift as we enter another cycle of the pandemic and with health top of mind, blender bites will be a welcomed solution for many households. We are pressing hard into other divisions as well which will add tremendous value to shareholders as we execute on our plan to be first to market in the US with our easy smoothie innovation,” stated Chelsie Hodge, the Company’s CEO and Founder.


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