Morrisons launches vegan brand, Plant Revolution

LONDON: Morrisons, UK based supermarket, has launched brand Plant Revolution, full vegan range aimed to make plant-based eating simple and interesting.

“We want our customers to enjoy eating well, no matter what diet they choose to follow,” Emily Bell, Plant Revolution brand manager for Morrisons said in a statement.

“For part-time plant-eaters, fully-fledged flexitarians and the purely plant-based, our new Plant Revolution range delivers the bold and exciting flavours we know they’re looking for, and we’re excited to hear what people think of it.”

The new range will compete with fellow ‘big four’ UK supermarkets Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. All have their own well-established plant-based ranges. With prices starting from £1, Morrisons will also offer more competition to budget chains such as Aldi and Lidl.

The brand’s debut features 50 products from grab-and-go sandwiches to ready meals and desserts.

In recent years, foods that were traditionally found in independent food stores have hit supermarket shelves. All major U.K. supermarkets now have their own ranges of vegan dishes, with smaller names such as Marks and Spencer keeping up too.


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