KFC charged with breaching Covid safety regulations in Singapore

KFC charged with breaching Covid safety regulations in Singapore

SINGAPORE: KFC is charged by a court in Singapore with breaching COVID-19 safety regulations at one of its outlets in the city-state.The KFC management was accused of allowing customers to enter its outlet at Far East Plaza in July last year without first assessing if any of them was a symptomatic COVID-19 case.

The outlet, a permitted enterprise carrying on a retail food and drinks business, was supposed to establish and apply procedures and controls to ensure that their customers were assessed for COVID-19 symptoms, according to the charge sheet.

It is also accused of failing to take all practicable and reasonable steps to ensure that the same customers remained in groups of not more than two people as per the rules on social distancing implemented in Singapore at that time, according to Channel News Asia report.

Operations Director Jonathan Liew Tiong Soo, a representative for KFC, received the charges on behalf of the company and asked for a week’s adjournment to seek legal advice. The case has been adjourned till January 21.

For each charge, the company can be fined up to SGD 10,000 (USD 7,400.28) if convicted.


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